William Cuthbertson

William Cuthbertson on the Jury of the 4th International Chopin Piano Competition,Thailand
Due to his long-term involvement with Chopin, for example, his Chopin cycle of six concerts, which he played in Waldkirch and Solothurn, the Waldkirch pianist William Cuthbertson was invited as a juror to the 4th International Chopin Competition in Bangkok

Badische Zeitung 6th December 2017
William Cuthbertson in Jury von Chopin-Wettbewerb in Thailand., Foto: Badische Zeitung

Chamber Concert with Ivetta Viate
Chamber concerts with Ivetta Viatet now have a permanent place in the diary of Bad Säckinger St.Marienhaus

Badische Zeitung, 2017
Ivetta Viatet und Wiliam Cuthbertson, Foto: Badische Zeitung/Kerckhoff

Brillant Summer Matinee
Virtuoso Pianist William Cuthbertson plays stylishly from the Baroque to the Modern.

Badische Zeitung, July 2017
Concert July 2017