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William Cuthbertson on the Jury of the 4th International Chopin Piano Competition,Thailand

Due to his long-term involvement with Chopin, for example, his Chopin cycle of six concerts, which he played in Waldkirch and Solothurn, the Waldkirch pianist William Cuthbertson was invited as a juror to the 4th International Chopin Competition in Bangkok.

Badische Zeitung 6.Dezember 2017

Chamber Concert with Ivetta Viate

Chamber concerts with Ivetta Viatet now have a permanent place in the diary of Bad Säckinger St. Marienhaus.

Badische Zeitung, 2017


Brillant Summer Matinee

Virtuoso Pianist William Cuthbertson plays stylishly from the Baroque to the Modern.

Badische Zeitung, July 2017



Concert at the Eltzal Museum

The summer matinee with pianist William Cuthbertson included works by Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann. In his unobtrusive way, Cuthbertson worked out the melodies well. The audience was enthusiastic.

Badische Zeitung, Friday 8th, July 2016


Terrific Concert

Grandios nachgespürt
Matinee with William Cuthbertson / Preludes by Chopin and Scriabin.

Badische Zeitung 21. April 2015

Accessible listening:Charity Concert with classical music and songs for the renovation of the community center.

The programme included a string Quartet with Carina Kaltenbach-Schonhardt and Nicole Friedrich (violin), Katharina Weeber (Viola) and Carolina Mountain Horn (cello). Also the Chopin Piano Concerto in E minor, with William Cuthbertson (piano) as soloist.
Badischer Zeitung 23. September 2015



Waldkircher Cultural Week 2014 is dedicated to the theme of time

Waldkirch has already experienced some interesting and successful cultural weeks. This year it's that time again. Artists of any genre are invited to grapple with the issue of "Time".
Badische Zeitung


Congenial Interpretation of Chopin Etüdes

The second concert of William Cuthbertsons series impressed again by high professionalism, tangily presented.
Badische Zeitung


People travel from far and wide to attend a Piano Masterclass.

Pianists from all over the world deal with Peter Feuchtwanger and William Cuthbertson in Waldkirch to play the piano.
Badishe Zeitung, 11 jun 2014


New Year's Concert 2014

William Cuthbertson+Weimo Gao play:
  • J.S.Bach, 3 Suites C major(Cello) 
  • Cui, Causerie (Piano) 
  • Liu Zhuang, Romantic piece  
  • Xu Xiyi, lullaby (Piano & Cello)  
  • W.Cuthbertson. 3 Little Pieces (Cello & Piano) 
  • F. Chopin, Nocturne in F major Op.15 No.1. (Piano) 
  • F. Chopin, Nocturne in F sharp major Op.15 No.2 (Piano) 
  • P.Tchaikovsky. Rococo Variations Op.33 
Badische Zeitung 28/1/14



2013 Masterclass

The 14th Masterclass with Professor Peter Feuchtwanger concluded with an outstanding concert in the Baroque Hall of the Elztal museum, where Japanese Masako Kamikawa played Chopin's Rondo in E flat major with brilliance and expression.

Badische Zeitung



Exciting soundscapes - Concert with William Cuthbertson (piano) and Sun Yiqi (violin) 2012.

HERBOLZHEIM. The evening in the gatehouse was sold out. No wonder, since the performers were Sun Yiqi (violin) and William Cuthbertson (piano).
Both musicians have been seen in Herbolzheim before and have their fans. Sun Yiqi has passed the entrance exam to the Musikhochschule Freiburg and will start their studies in the fall in the support program for gifted children. She lives with host parents in Tutschfelden and visited last year some time the Gymnasium Kenzingen.
William Cuthbertson is a concert pianist and piano teacher, lives in Waldkirch and is considered a master of improvisation.
Badische Zeitung


Feuchtwanger Piano Festival 2010

Fränkische Landeszeitung 12/4/2010
  • "The British pianist overcame the technical hurdles with casual eligance"
  • "The Englishman, almost too controlled and reserved, painted vivid soul paintings in muted colours between the two poles of heartbreaking tragedy and courtly aplomb."
  • "In the twelve Etudes Opus 25 Cuthbertson works with sharp contrasts and achieves a dramatic concentration which is second to none."

Chopin cycle Waldkirch 2010

Elztäler Wochenbericht 11/3/2010
  • "Cuthbertson mastered the technical requirements of Chopin with virtuosity, his lyrical playing of the Ballades and Scherzi was most enjoyable."
Badische Zeitung 4/3/2010
  • "effortless and balanced"
  • "Cuthbertson's playing attests to the highest technical skill and virtuosic brilliance and his interpretation is thereby absolutely free and rich in nuances. A mastery of musical expression, which is probably only possible through a lifelong preoccupation with Chopin ."
Badische Zeitung 15/4/2010
  • "A congenial interpretation of Chopin's Etudes"
  • (Op.10 No.3) "Cuthbertson played with a wonderfully warm-blooded (sic), but also clear, pure sound."
  • "Elegant and sparkling like Champagne" (Op.25 No. 9)
  • (Op.25 No. 11) "Cuthbertson, nimble as a weasel, impeccably brought its stormy gusts over to the public."
  • (Op.25 No.12) "stormy and driven as if by the brute force of nature "
Badische Zeitung 23/9/2010
  • "William Cuthbertson who played .. with a mature technique near to perfection, also mastered the breakneck runs with calmness and sovereignty and gave Chopin's deeply sensitive melody of enough room to unfold."
  • "mastered with virtuoso finger acrobatics"
Badische Zeitung 10/12/2010
  • "It's hard to put into words what our ears heard and what feelings Cuthbertson elicited in the audience with his playing "
Badische Zeitung 22/11/2010
  • "Cuthbertson managed to trace every nuance of the swings in mood with impressive skill."
  • "Cuthbertson mastered the overwhelming epic poesy competently and seemingly effortlessly"
  • "The extraordinary artist was seen off with sustained applause and shouts of 'Bravo'"