William Cuthbertson

Press 2012


Exciting soundscapes - Concert with William Cuthbertson (piano) and Sun Yiqi (violin) 2012

HERBOLZHEIM.The evening in the gatehouse was sold out. No wonder, since the performers were Sun Yiqi (violin) and William Cuthbertson (piano). Both musicians have been seen in Herbolzheim before and have their fans. Sun Yiqi has passed the entrance exam to the Musikhochschule Freiburg and will start their studies in the fall in the support program for gifted children. She lives with host parents in Tutschfelden and visited last year some time the Gymnasium Kenzingen. William Cuthbertson is a concert pianist and piano teacher, lives in Waldkirch and is considered a master of improvisation
Badische Zeitung 2012


Peter Feuchtwanger Masterclass 2012

Participants of the 13th Piano Masterclass after the closing concert, together with Peter Feuchtwanger
Badische Zeitung, June 2012