William Cuthbertson

18. International Peter Feuchtwanger Piano Masterclass

Monday 30th October – Saturday 4th November 2017
With William Cuthbertson, Manfred Seewann and Matina Barufke.

Peter  Feuchtwanger:photo Stefan Blido, Wertheim

Peter Feuchtwanger (26.6.1930-18.6.2016)

Peter Feuchtwanger was born in Munich, Germany. He studied piano with Gerti Rainer (a pupil of Emil von Sauer), Max Egger, Edwin Fischer and Walter Gieseking, composition with Paul Müller-Zürich, Hans Heimler (a pupil of Alban Berg, Heinrich Schenker and Felix Weingartner) and Lennox Berkeley and also Indian and Arabic music and philosophy with Nazir Jairazbhoy and Dr. Arnold Bake. His encounter with the Rumanian pianist, Clara Haskil was the most decisive musical influence in his life. He also researched into Belcanto, the technique used in the golden age of singing. Peter Feuchtwanger was a member of the jury of many international piano competitions and Vice President of EPTA UK (European Piano Teachers' Association). He was Professor and Vice president of the Internationaler Akademie für musikalische Bildung e.V. and was visiting Professor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Since 1967, he gave master classes throughout the world. Click here for more.


This master class is suitable for pianists with a wide range of abilities, from the competent amateur to the professional pianist with concert experience. Pupils taking entrance examinations, university students and piano teachers are all welcome. Those suffering from discomfort or pain arising from the approach to technique will find the master class particularly beneficial.


  • William%20Cuthbertson
    Daily master classes with William Cuthbertson :

  • ManfredSeewann
    Manfred Seewann, joint editor of the official book on Peter Feuchtwanger's exercises, will assist in teaching these exercises on the course. He studied with Karl Wingler, Erik Then-Bergh, Gitti Pirner and Peter Feuchtwanger and has often been an assistant on Professor Feuchtwanger's masterclasses. He regularly gives conserts in Germany and in other European countries.

    Each day William Cuthbertson and Manfred Seewann will work with the course participants on these technical exercises for curing playing-related disorders in pianists, which are also designed for learning a functionally natural behaviour in piano playing.

  • Martina%20Barufke
    Lessons in F.M. Alexander technique with Matina Barufke, who lives in Waldkirch and has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1990. She studied with Yahuda Kupperman, Elisa und Eckart Ruschmann in Freiburg. She has also studied further with Israeli, American and German Alexander teachers. In addition, she is qualified in Spiraldynamik and has experience in Gindler therapy and Ideokinesis.

  • Clemens%20Flamm
    As in the last master class, Clemens Famm will give a lesson in "Life Kinetik". This is both purposeful fun and an interesting change from the rest of the course - good for the brain and the coordination.

  • Ekaterine Khvedelidze
    Wed 1st Nov, 7pm : Piano Concert at Orgelbauersaal, Orgelstiftung, Gewerbekanal 1, Waldkirch with: Ekaterine Khvedelidze playing works by Chopin, Scriabin and Franck.

    The Georgian pianist Ekaterine Khvedelidze began playing the piano at the age of five. In 1996, her extraordinary artistic development led her to having lessons with the Georgian piano teacher Medea Gamsakhurdia ,with whom she studied at the music college in her hometown. After completing her diploma, she continued her studies at the conservatories in Detmold and Moscow.

    Since 2004, she has been a master pupil of her current mentor and sponsor Igor Zhukov,one of the most important representatives of the older generation of Russian pianists. Zhukov was a pupil of the legendary Heinrich Neuhaus and is the last remaining personal representative of his exemplary teaching. In addition, Ekaterine Khvedelidze attended the master classes of various internationally renowned musical personalities, such as Vitaly Margulis, Peter Feuchtwanger, Andras Schiff Bruno Canino and John Perry.

    Ekaterine Khvedelidze has impressed her audiences for years with her incomparable way of penetrating deeply into the soul of the music, giving every phrase a natural breath. In her animated, colorful and imaginative playing, the bare musical text, the instrument and her natural virtuosity retreat into the background, allowing an experience of the deeper layers of musical experience.

    She is especially interested in the works of late-romantic Russian composers such as Alexander Scriabin and Nikolai Medtner. Her playing, both powerful and hauntingly sensitive, of their unjustly neglected and little known works leads again and again to great surprises in her exciting piano recitals.

  • Participants%20closing%20concert%20
    Saturday 4th November, 7pm: Participants closing concert
    • Rosmarie Schmidt
      • W.A.Mozart, Sonata in C major K.279 First movement, Allegro
    • Agnes Joshi-Meili
      • J.Brahms, Intermezzo in A Minor, Op.76 No.7
    • Christian Loeschke
      • J.Brahms, Intermezzo in E flat major Op.117 No.1 Intermezzo in B Minor Op.117 No.2
    • Agnes Joshi-Meili
      • Genari Karganoff Op.10 No.1 Souvenir OP.10 No.2 Petite Valse
    • Saeko Saito
      • R.Schumann, Scherzo Op.32 No.1
      • F.Chopin Étude Ges Major Op.10 No.5
    • Robbert van Steijn
      • F.Liszt, Sonnetto di Petrarca 104
      • F.Chopin, Ballad in F Minor Op.52
    Orgelbauersaal, Orgelstiftung, Gewerbekanal 1, Waldkirch.

Further details:

  • Waldkirch-Music-School%20Photo:Badische%20Zeitung
    The Master Classes will take place in the Musikschule Waldkirch, in the new Gisela Sick Education Centre, Merklinstr.19, Waldkirch, where practice rooms will be available. The Waldkirch Music School is the oldest municipal music school in Germany.

  • Please email William Cuthberson at w.cuthbertson@gmx.de with any questions.

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