William Cuthbertson

报纸 2019


Masterclass 2019

Graduates of the Peter Feuchtwanger Piano Master Class, led by William Cuthbertson, gave a final concert in the Baroque Hall of the Elztal Museum
Badische Zeitung, Montag 05. August 2019


William Cuthbertson + Martin Lunz, Poems by Wilhelm Busch in the Kurhaus

A literary-musical event titled - And now I appreciate, so to speak, only myself ... with poetic wisdom of the humorist Wilhelm Busch, played by Martin Lunz, musically accompanied by William Cuthbertson on the piano
Badische Zeitung, September 2019


Clara Schumann - an evening of music for her 200th birthday anniversary.

Like many other organizations, the Ecumenical Educational Association in Waldkirch presented a programme on Monday evening for the 200th birthday of Clara Schumann. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ruh illuminated the life of Clara Schumann and the pianist William Cuthbertson played selected pieces by her. Whilst Ulrich Ruh’s discourse provided the outlines of what was, in the 19th century, an unusual life for a woman, William Cuthbertson filled the gaps between the sections with his many-coloured interpretations
Badische Zeitung, November 2019