William Cuthbertson

音乐会 2020

Friday 28th Februar, 5pm

Beethoven Piano Concert

  • L.van Beethoven Sonata F Minor Op. 57 (Appasionata)
  • F.Chopin, Mazurka As-Dur Op.59 Nr.2
  • F.Chopin, Mazurka D-Dur Op.33 Nr.2
  • F.Chopin, Scherzo Nr.1 h-Moll Op.20
  • F.Chopin, Scherzo Nr.2 b-Moll Op.31
Festsaal, Wohnstift Freiburg,Rabenkopfstraße 2, 79102 Freiburg. Entry Free.
Freiburg Wohnstift
Sunday 29th March, 11.00am

Beethoven Sonatas

  • Sonate No.1 f minor Op.2. No.1
  • Sonata No.23 (Appasiaonata) f minor Opus 57
  • Sonate Nr.32 c minor Opus.111
Elztal Museum, Waldkirch. Karten €15 Kinder €9. *Cancelled due to Covid-19*
Elztal Museum, Waldkirch, Baden Wurtenburg
Friday 3rd April
8.30 pm

The General, Buster Keaton

Silent film with William Cuthbertson on Piano, Komunales Kino, Fabrikstraße 16, 79183 Waldkirch, Baden Wurtenburg, Germany. Tickets: 5,50 €, 4,50 € (members). *Cancelled due to Covid-19*
The General, Buster Keaton
Sonntag 3rd may

Beethoven Sonaten

  • Sonate No.1 f minor Op.2. Nr.1
  • Sonata No.23 (Appasiaonata) f minor Opus 57
  • Sonata Nr.32 c minor Opus.111
Waldorf Schule, Solothurn. Eintritt frei, Spenden Wilkommen. *Cancelled due to Covid-19*
Saturday 23rd May

250th Anniversary of the Birth of Beethoven Concert

L.V. Beethoven
  • Sonata No.1 F minor Op. 2 No.1
  • Sonata No.23 (Appassionata) F minor Op.57
  • Sonata No.32 C minor Op.111
Kloster Kartaus, Brunostraße 23a, 54329 Konz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Cancelled due to Covid-19
Kloster Kartaus,Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Tuesday 4th August 7pm

Masterclass Concert with Alla Dolzhenko (Russia)

  • Scarlatti
  • Rachmaninov
  • Schubert (duet with William Cuthbertson)
  • Mussorgsky
Elztalmuseum, Kirchpl. 14, 79183 Waldkirch, Baden Wurtenburg, Germany *Cancelled due to Covid-19*
Elztal Museum, Waldkirch, Baden Wurtenburg